HDR 100

HDR 100 Pressure Washer

1450 watt, water flow 400 ltr/per hour, max pressure 100 bar.  Hose length 4m, power lead 5m.  Weight assembled 6kg. Convenient trolley and accessory station.  Auto stop start system, motor starts when pressing the trigger of the gun. Standard vario lance for general use, rotary nozzle for increased cleaning performance.


• Easy going trolley and integrated accessory station
• Flexible in usage due to easy unhinge of pressure washer
• Auto-Start-Stop-System: motor starts when pressing trigger at gun handle – automatic stop when release
• Easy exchange of cleaning nozzles
• Comfortable carry handle
• Accessories:
– 1 attachable lance with bayonet adaptor,
– 1 standard vario nozzle for general use,
– 1 rotary nozzle for increased cleaning performance,
– 1 car wash foam nozzle with detergent bottle (350ml),
– 4m high-pressure hose,
– quick-release connector for garden hose adaptor

Additional information

Motor Power

1400 Watt


approx. 6 kg (incl. trolley and accessories)

Max Pressure

100 bar

Cable Length

5 m