EHS 900 L

EHS 900 L Electric Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

900 Watt motor, Blade length 45cm, cutting length 41cm, blade tooth spacing 20mm, weight 6.4kg, total length 2.61m, safely trims hedges up to 3.5m high, casing handle pivots left/right by 90 degrees for easy handling, adjustable shoulder strap, adjustable second handle.  Blade bar pivots around 150 degrees for ideal trimming position, self latching articulated joints and top screw for improved safety.  Diamond sharpened blades of special grade steel that move in opposite directions.  Safety switch to safeh=guard against unintended start.  2 part aluminium bar.  High quality metal transmission.


• Safely trim hedges up to approx. 3.5 m high – without a ladder
• Blade bar pivots around 150° for ideal trimming position; self-latching articulated joints and stop screw for improved safety at work
• Casing handle pivots left/right by 90° for convenient guidance
• Adjustable second handle and adjustable strap for perfect handling
• Diamond sharpened blades of special-grade steel move in opposite directions
• Safety switch to safeguard against unintended start
• Integrated strain relief
• 2-part aluminium bar
• High-quality metal transmission


Additional information

Motor Power

900 Watt

Cutting Length

440 mm

Cutting Teeth Distance

20 mm

Cable Length

3 m