Tackle tough terrain with Grizzly’s Q360°

The sun is shining, the weather is sweet – and your grass is out of control, growing at an alarming rate! Intermittent downpours and glorious sunshine are perfect grass-growing conditions leaving both domestic and professional gardeners with a task tougher than any other time of the year. With increasingly unruly areas to keep trim and landscapes to manicure, Grizzly Tools have the answer to all lawn based troubles.

Grizzly’s latest petrol lawn mower, the BRM 56-163 BSA InStart 360° is unrivalled in design thanks to the swivel-wheel concept that means the neatest ever turning circle. There are no multiple-point turns necessary to manoeuvre this impressive and artfully engineered Briggs & Stratton four-stroke engine. The quad design offers smooth ease of use regardless of terrain and lockable front wheels enable the straightest of cutting lines. Spinning on its own axis, this model requires no tipping to turn despite its incredibly robust and solid frame, for ultimate convenience and driving comfort.

Offering a vast range of functions, the 360° has InStart engine technology that fires up at the touch of button, 6 step height adjustment across each of the four wheels and a 75L collection bag with hardtop and fill-level indicator. Rear wheel drive, blade brake safety function and Height adjustable fold-away handle bar make this mower top of the petrol class. Fitted with top quality steel metal housing, it cuts a fine figure with rear and lateral discharge, foliage collection function, mulching and near-edge mowing.

Sample this and other products from Grizzly’s brilliant range for yourself, enjoy their exceptional quality and effective marketing by becoming a Grizzly dealer today: get Grizzly and see the difference!

Grizzly Tools manufacture quality power tools for every gardener; sold across Europe for over 15 years, the brand is well established and trusted by tradesmen and humble home gardeners alike. If you’d like to speak to Grizzly Tools about their range of products, please give Shnayde a call on 0845 683 2670.