It’s snow problem! #GetGrizzly

Over 5 inches of snow and temperatures of -14 degrees: it’s snow problem for Grizzly Tools. The UK may have endured its first truly wintry bout of the year, with life as we know it grinding to a halt in some parts of the country but do not fear, Grizzly Tools have the answer to your icy prayers.

Arm yourself with Grizzly Tools ESF 2026L Electric Snowblower and being snowed-in can be a thing of the past. With a 2000 watt induction motor with overload protection, it’s purpose-built to clear pathways, driveways and small to medium yard areas, safely and quickly.


The high quality steel snowblower turbine with rubber lining works to deliver snow up via a chute atop the machine and away, far in to the air thereby cleaning the immediate ground of powdery precipitation. The powerful LED light affixed to the handle provides better visibility in low light situations and the snow chute is adjustable allowing for you to choose the direction of snow projection.

Featuring an ergonomic handle with metal shift bar and safety switch, folding handle bar for space-saving storage and integrated carrying handle, this product is robust, reliable and ready to go on the coldest of days. Perfect for clearing your driveway or areas on-site when the snow’s fallen and before the freeze sets in; safely limit the risk of falling over and quickly aide the traction ability for motorised vehicles to prevent accidents at home and the workplace.

Sample Grizzly’s Electric Snowblower and other winter garden products from their brilliant range for yourself, enjoy their exceptional quality and effective marketing by becoming a Grizzly dealer today: get Grizzly and see the difference!

Grizzly Tools manufacture quality power tools for every gardener; sold across Europe for 20 years, the brand is well established and trusted by tradesmen and humble home gardeners alike. If you’d like to speak to Grizzly Tools about their 2018 range of products, please give Shnayde a call on 0845 683 2670.