EHS 500 T

EHS500T Telescopic Hedge Trimmer

500 Watt motor, 45cm blade length, 41cm cutting length, cutting width 18mm, weight 3.9kg, 40cm aluminium-glass fibre telescopic tube with soft grip and shoulder strap, angle adjustable cutting head, , rear handle with 180 degree rotation.  Counter rotating quality blade. high quality metal gearing.


• Approx. 40 cm telescoping aluminium/fibreglass handle with soft grip and shoulder strap
• 180° rotating handle with safety switch
• Cutting head with adjustable angle on both sides
• Counter-rotating quality blade
• High quality metal gearing
• Inc. stable blade protection holder
• Cable strain relief

Additional information

Motor Power

500 Watt

Cutting Length

410 mm

Cutting Teeth Distance

18 mm